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We can now announce that Abaxis, a medical products company manufacturing point-of-care instruments and consumables for the medical, research, and veterinary markets worldwide and providing reference lab services to the veterinary and research markets in the United States, have completed a stock purchase agreement to acquire 100% of QCR and Trio Diagnostics Limited. The transition closed on November 17, 2014.

Abaxis and QCR have enjoyed a long and successful business relationship for nearly two decades, and this acquisition represents a new chapter for all involved. QCR have sold the Vetscan product range, manufactured by Abaxis; since 1996, and we are delighted to become officially part of the family.

Abaxis UK will start as a new company being responsible for all QCR and Trio business from January 1st 2015 thereon.

These are exciting times for our new company and we look forward to continuing a good trading relationship with all our customers in 2015 and hopefully long into the future. 

Software Updates

There are currently no software updates available.

Company News

June Rotor Offer - Available Now  



To celebrate the launch of our VetScan Rapid Test range, our Rotor Offer this month gives you the chance to pick up a FREE Rapid Test.


Buy a Comprehensive Rotor for the discounted price of just £17, and get either a Giardia or Parvo Rapid Test completely FREE.


Offer ends June 30th – or until stocks last, so don’t delay order today.

This offer is only available through our head office, and the discount code must be quoted to receive the offer. No other discount(s) can be applied to Special Rotor Offers. A maximum of 5 Free Rapid Tests per customer, there is no limit to how many Comprehensive Rotors can be purchased. While stock lasts.


Please note this offer is not available on our online shop. 


A new rotor offer will be available in July.


Customers currently receiving Comprehensive rotors on a standing order are not eligible for this deal, but can order additional rotors using the discount code. Please note only Giardia and Parvo Rapid Tests are available.

Abaxis UK maintain the right to remove or amend this offer without notice. 

New i-STAT Software - Available Now 


The latest software update for the i-STAT 1 hand-held analyser is now available.


It is imperative to upgrade the software in the i-STAT analyser every six months, the current software is due to expire on June 18th. Please ensure the new software is updated before then. Analysers NOT updated WILL NOT WORK.


NB: After the update is completed, all i-STAT cartridges MUST be scanned using the barcode reader on the analyser. 


Customers with a Serial or USB Downloader should have received their update disc in the post, this will enable you to manually do the update. Alternatively if you haven't received the disc you can manually download the update here


For customers without the Downloader, your Abaxis UK Territory Manager should be coming to your practice to do the update over the next two weeks.


Please use the link above to get in contact with them to arrange a convenient time for them to visit.







Abaxis UK Ltd is now the new company name of QCR and Trio Diagnostics as of January 2015. 


This is the start of a very bright and promising future for everyone involved with Abaxis UK and we are happy that you are part of our journey. 


We would like to wish all our customers a Happy 2015, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you. 











How to run the external QC and enter data on the internet


  1. Samples are mailed to participants every monthly.
  2. The QC sample is bovine serum and must be analysed on the day of receipt. Parameters included are Biochemistry: Sodium, Potassium, T. Protein, Albumin, Bilirubin, Urea, Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Glucose, ALP, ALT, and Amylase. Haematology: WBC, RBC, Hb, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT.
  • VetScan users select “other” as species and use a comprehensive profile.
  • Vettest users select “bovine” as species and use a GHP and Vetlyte
  • Haematology QC’s should be run as a “CONTROL
  • Large analyser users run the sample for the tests listed above.
  • If you have any questions contact John Daniell on Mobile:07836 786179 Fax 01536 790673 E-mail:


Internet Result Entry

  1. Go to and you will see the Eurotrol home page
  2. Click on CueSee® (previous version)
  3. Log in fields are at the top right of the screen. Enter your user name: normally the first 4 or 5 letters of your practice name (excluding “the”) 
  4. Enter your password – your postcode (lower case without spaces)
  5. Your participant details will appear on the screen
  6. Click on “Results
  7. Select sample – Select current month from drop down menu
  8. Sample received on – Select date of receipt of sample from drop down menu
  9. Result – From the drop down menu above RESULT select “ALL”
  10. Default result ID – VetScan users enter the Lot No. of the comprehensive profile used. Other instrument users enter VETQC01, where 01-12 is the month. Enter date of analysis via drop down menu, and name of person doing the test. This information will automatically be transferred to the other fields.   
  11. Performed by – enter your name (first or last)
  12. Enter your test results in the result field for each test
  13. Check you entries
  14. Click on the “UPDATE” icon at the bottom of the screen


Data analysis is available on or after the date shown at the top of the results screen just above the sample received field.  Log on as in steps 1 to 5 above and click on Reports.