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Statspin High Speed Centrifuges & Consumables

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Statspin VT Veterinary Centrifuge (Multi-purpose) exc. VAT
Glass Capillary Tubes (40mm heparin) Glass microhematocrit tubes for RH12 rotor. With red fill line, Heparin treated (100)
Glass Capillary Tubes (40mm plain) Glass microhematocrit tubes for RH12 rotor. With blue fill line, untreated (100)
Microhematocrit Heparin 75mm (100)
SafeCrit Capillary Tubes (40mm heparin) 100% plastic microhematocrit tubes for RH12 rotor. Heparin treated (100)
SafeCrit Capillary Tubes (40mm plain) 100% plastic microhematocrit tubes for RH12 rotor. Untreated (100)
Safecrit Capillary Tubes 75mm Plain (100)
Sealant Pad for sealing glass or plastic hematocrit tubes
LipoClear Reagent Tubes Pre-filled reagent tubes for clearing 0.5ml of lipemic serum or plasma. Pkt 40
LipoClear Reagent Tubes Pre-filled reagent tubes for clearing 0.5ml of lipemic serum or plasma. (10)
Precalibrated Urine Tubes 1.5ml flip-cap microcentrifuge tube with fill and decant markings, for preparation or urine sediment for microscope examination. Pkt 50
12-Place Microhematocrit Rotor (w/reader) Capillary tube rotor with transparent screw-on-lid and circular tube reader (HR4C). For Statspin VT.
2 x 1.5ml Fixed Angle Rotor 2-place rotor for StatSamplers, micro blood collectors, micro urine tubes and 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes. For StatSpin MP and StatSpin RP centrifuges.
Replacement O-Rings for rotor holder on StatSpin MP, StatSpin RP and CritSpin centrifuges. Pkt of 3.

Statspin High Speed Centrifuges & Consumables

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Product Description

Blood, Urine, Microhematocrits and other routine spins in Two-Minutes or less...

Here's the one centrifuge system that's designed specifically for the in-clinic testing needs of today's veterinarian:

Fast - separates in a fraction of the time required by other systems... quality serum or plasma in 30-90 seconds!

Quiet - operates with vibration and with virtually no noise or heat build-up.

Versatile - instantly adaptable to blood separation, urine sediments, microhematocrits and other routine application.

Safe - cover interlock system, UL Listed (US/Canada), meets international safety standards.

East to use - simple microprocessor control... self-diagnostics reduce chance of operator error.

Economical - priced right for the in-clinic lab... pays for itself quickly.

Blood separation - - prepared micro tubes are quick and easy to use -- quality serum or plasma from up to 1.3mL of whole blood with a spin time of only 30-90 seconds. Exclusive PlasmaRotor produces gel-separated plasma from 3 mL of blood in two minutes.

Lipoclear - Simple, effective way to clear lipemia from 0.5 or 1.5 mL of serum or plasma. Five minute RT incubation followed by a 90 second spin. Pre-dispensed reagent tubes, non-toxic, one year shelf life.

Urine sediment - Unique micro-method correlates with standard procedure. Only 1.5 mL of urine needed; pre-calibrated conical tube with flip cap make filling and decanting easy. 45 second spin time.

Microhematocrits - Whisper-quiet two-,minute spin of 12 tubes at a time. Choose glass or easy to read SafeCrit plastic tubes, plain or heparinized. Inexpensive hand-held reader or illuminating digital reading station available.

Rotors - Price shown for Statspin centrifuge, DOES NOT include RT12 or RH12 tube rotor heads.

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